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Start referring friends to our website and get more money!

For every new member you refer to GoldTasks, you make 20% of what they earn (tier 1),
and 10% of what their referrals earn (tier 2).

Payments will be made to the same Payment Method you use to get paid for completing offers!

Share your unique referral link with others. When they signup for you will get credit for the referral

Send GoldTasks invitation to your selected friends. The invitation would automatically include your referral link in it. This is the BEST and Easiset way to get referrals.

Share your referral link on social networks.

Clicking "Share" would automatically share your referral link with your friends.

Payments for referrals are processed every Friday.

Do not try to sign up with 2 users and refer 'yourself' - if we see abuse of this program we will stop it! Members caught cheating will be banned from our website! If a member generates a big number of referrals or generates fraudulent referrals or any type of suspicious activity with no value for us (e.g. most of the referrals aren't active) we reserve the right to refuse a payout and to void all of his referrals. Any other/similar abuse will cause the same result.

Your current level
Total active referrals:0
Tier 1 commission (20%):$0
Tier 2 commission (10%):$0
Amount earned:$0
SeniorYour next level
Active referrals needed:150
Tier 1 commission:25%
Tier 2 commission:15%
MasterYour 3rd level
Active referrals needed:500
Tier 1 commission:30%
Tier 2 commission:20%