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How do I Earn Cash?

1. Register.
2. Complete Tasks by instructions.
3. Cash out the money directly to your paypal!

What will you get?

Access to complete tasks and get paid right away. Open to every country in the world! Unlike other sites, we let your earn doesn't matter where you are from. Why do it alone? Refer your friends and triple your income

Do you know that companies are paying cash to have users like you give their opinion about their products and services? At GoldTasks, we pass that money on to you. No, you wiil not get rich from doing Tasks, but if you like to earn some extra cash, you have come to the right place!

GoldTasks is a great way to get paid on the Internet today. Open to everyone, including international users. From our perspective, if you make money, we make money. We want you to fill out all the Tasks and offers that you possibly can, in order to make money for yourself and for us at the same time: win-win all the way.

When you complete Tasks, you are simply doing what the advertisers need you to do. They need to test their products. all you have to do is sign up with and get the ball rolling.

How it works

Sign up for Free
Register Now and get access to the Tasks Dashboard. It is fast, easy and 100% free!

Complete Tasks Online
Complete Tasks and Surveys according to the instructions given. Each task can take between 2 to 15 minutes.

Get Rewarded!
Cashout and recive the money directly to your paypal account.
Tasks Examples
Answer a few questions about a website
You will receive a link to a website through which you should answer a few questions on the content and your personal experience. Please answer the questions honestly. That's it!
Flag and tag images that contain adult content
In this task, you will be clicking on images that break rules for appropriate content. After clicking on a bad/inappropriate image, you will be asked to explain why you clicked on it.
LightHead Robotic System - Performance Rating Survey.
This experiment is part of a wider investigation within Human-Robot Interaction at the School of Computing and Mathematics at the University of Plymouth.
Below you can find answers to our most frequently asked questions.

How do I Earn Cash ?

1) Go to-> Earn Cash. We have lots of Tasks and offers available for members from all over the world!

2) Click on a Task/offer to view it and complete if you wish. You will be given instructions for every tasks/offer, to make it easier for you.

3) Once you completed an offer either close the window or scroll to the next offer. When doing TASKS, everything is done on the same window.

4) You will see if your offer is approved, if your balance went up, Or -> go to your EARNINGS page.

5) You can cashout once you've reached $0.50 (or $1.00 for certain users) and once you cash-out you will be paid within 24-72 hours, it's that easy!

Is this website a scam?

No. Companies need people to check what they offer, and they are willing to pay for it. When you complete an offer we get paid for it, and we pay you 40% to 90% of that revenue, that's the way it works, very simple!

What method of payment do you pay with?

On the top of each earning category, the following message will be shown, allowing you to set your payment details: "Please set your payment details by clicking here"

You can get paid via 3 methods:
1 - Paypal
2 - Liberty Reserve
3 - AlertPay (Aka Payza)

Is there a minimum payout?

Yes, there is.
Australian, Canadian, UK and US members --> $1.00 Minimum.
All other members --> $0.50 Minimum.

And how much do you pay?

We share our revenue in amount of between 40% to 90% percents!

Do I need a credit card for participation in this site?

No, you don't!
Our goal is to supply "easy offers" without requesting people to provide their credit card details. However, if you wish, there are also offers in our website which require you to provide your credit card details. Credit cards offers also pays higher.

Okay, and how often do you pay members?

For ALL OFFERS we pay within 24-72 hours of cashing out. It's quick, isn't it?

Please also note for Referrals we pay once a week every Friday.